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What’s better than a cozy mystery for curling up to read, especially with rainy weather and freezing nights? In addition to my books, I offer you some articles and guest posts to read. Some recent articles, if you want to check them out, are:

http:// “Two Cats and a Plot” appeared on July 28, 2014, and is now in the Archives section. “Author Work-Spaces: Connie Knight” appeared on Jan. 30, 2015

Morgen Bailey’s Writing blog guest posted “My History Mystery” on July 17

Book Obsessed, published by Cecile Sune, posted “My Life, My Mystery” on Sept. 29, an excerpt from Chances Choices Changes Death, Nov. 17

Idle Musings of a Writer’s Mind, “Writing Your First Novel,” Dec. 10, “Cozy Mystery EBooks for the Holidays,” Dec. 16, and “A Cozy Mystery With Cupid and St. Valentine,” Feb. 13.


More guest blogs are on the way, along with a newsletter hopefully once a month. Other projects include connecting with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, going through

So, there’s a lot to read and write in addition to working on Novel No. 3. Not to mention the blogs and tweets written by other people–I like to read them, too. There’s a lot more I’d like to do than I get to do–no doubt about it at all.